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Descubre la esencia de Pueblo del Sol - ¡Extravagancia al por mayor!

Bienvenido a Pueblo del Sol, donde la generosidad de la naturaleza está ahora disponible a granel para su conveniencia. Nuestro compromiso con el desarrollo social, económico y humano en la Sierra de Oaxaca ha allanado el camino para una extraordinaria gama de ofertas, ahora listas para su compra a granel:


Our product is a specialty high altitude coffee that is produced at 1,250 meters above sea level, it comes from organic agriculture from our project, created through a conscious and sustainable process for its environment. The harvesting, selection and collection processes of our coffee are done manually, plant by plant, respecting the natural maturation of the fruit.

The coffee plantations are cultivated in an ecological way under trees that provide them with shade and sufficient humidity. Another characteristic that distinguishes us is that all pests and diseases are combated with products and techniques allowed in organic agriculture.

In the cup, our coffee exceeds 84/100 points and notes of cherry, honey and caramel predominate in its aroma. Regarding the flavor, notes of prunes, honey, etc. are perceived; its acidity is citric and its body is creamy.

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From Mother Earth to your home

A project that begins with an idea and experimentation using ancestral and traditional techniques of the Oaxacan people. We have a culture of awareness with the environment, the community and the final product, so in the production of our ceramic products we use local red clay from our lands to take advantage of the resources we have, extracted consciously.

For the manufacture of our products we use the techniques of plates, rolls and pinch, typical of the region and carried out manually. After this process, each piece is sealed with beeswax from our beekeeping project to ensure greater durability. We do not use paints or pigments, the colors obtained are through ancestral techniques. Each of our pieces is unique, its tonality and shape vary depending on the clay and detailed bank.

Participate in the development of the community of artisans of Pueblo del Sol and contribute to our project by purchasing our products.


Our bee preservation project

The honey from our farm comes from the organic agriculture of our project, created through a conscious and sustainable process for its environment. We are aware of the importance of bees in the fundamental process of pollination for the survival of ecosystems, which is why we have developed a program for their preservation and, in this way, help this important pollinator that is in danger of extinction.

The apiaries are strategically located so that the bees can easily get their food and in times of drought, the bees are fed with their own honey, we do not give them sugar or syrups. In Pueblo del Sol, 2 to 3 harvests are made per year and, in general, two different types of honey are produced.

Monofloral honey: It is made by bees from the nectar of flowers (70%) and from different trees (30%).

This honey is clear, sweet and has a more delicate flavor. It may take a little longer to crystallize.

Multifloral honey: It is made by bees from the nectar of the flowers of various plant species that inhabit the area.

This honey is dark and intense in color, thicker, more viscous and with a stronger flavor due to the sugar content of the nectars.


Our cosmetic line is distinguished by its unique characteristics: all our products are free of animal cruelty and do not contain parabens or silicones. We work with certified essential oils and each of our products covers various needs so that our clients obtain multiple benefits from a single product.

Our cosmetics are produced 100% by hand by our community. Each one is made entirely by hand and with love, always following the guidelines of natural cosmetics. Our commitment is to provide you with a product that has the greatest benefits for your body while taking care of the environment, which is why we have refill points in Puerto Escondido and Mexico City, where you can go to refill your shampoo, conditioner, soap containers. liquid and cream

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